Relations between England and Scotland (500-1707)

By Robert S. Rait


I desire to take this opportunity of acknowledging valuable aid derived from the recent works on Scottish History by Mr. Hume Brown and Mr. Andrew Lang, from Mr. E.W. Robertson's Scotland under her Early Kings, and from Mr. Oman's Art of War. Personal acknowledgments are due to Professor Davidson of Aberdeen, to Mr. H. Fisher, Fellow of New College, and to Mr. J.T.T. Brown, of Glasgow, who was good enough to aid me in the search for references to the Highlanders in Scottish mediæval literature, and to give me the benefit of his great knowledge of this subject.


New College, Oxford,

April, 1901.


CHAPTER I—Racial Distribution and Feudal Relations, 500-1066 a.d.
CHAPTER II—Scotland and the Normans, 1066-1286
CHAPTER III—The Scottish Policy of Edward I, 1286-1296
CHAPTER IV—The War of Independence, 1297-1328
CHAPTER V—Edward III and Scotland, 1328-1399
CHAPTER VI—Scotland, Lancaster, and York, 1400-1500
CHAPTER VII—The Beginnings of the English Alliance,
CHAPTER VIII—The Parting of the Ways, 1542-1568
CHAPTER IX—The Union of the Crowns, 1568-1625
CHAPTER X—"The Troubles in Scotland", 1625-1688
CHAPTER XI—The Union of the Parliaments, 1689-1707
APPENDIX A—References to the Highlanders in Mediæval Literature
APPENDIX B—The Feudalization of Scotland
APPENDIX C—Table of the Competitors of 1290

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